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Our Mackerel trips are the best way to spend time with the family, out on the water, whilst gaining a great insight to sea fishing.


With a duration of 1.5 hours, it's ideal for young children and novice anglers, as it provides enough time to hook a few mackerel, and return back to shore knowing your sea legs didn't let you down.

No bait is necessary as we use feathers whilst drifting, and often in the height of the season, you maybe lucky enough to hook three at a time...

There is nothing better than seeing the faces light up of those catching their first fish, and we can guarantee the highlight of your holiday, would be cooking freshly caught fish on the BBQ! 


Mackerel Trips1.5 Hours Daily

Inshore Trips - 2  &  4 Hours


As Swanage is very well situated on the Jurassic Coast, it is surrounded by plenty of reefs and banks, within a short steam from the bay.

As spring approaches, these reefs and banks begin to team with a huge variety of fish. Just to name a few are Black Bream, Bass, Dog fish, Smooth-hound, Wrasse, Pout, Pollock and several species of Rays.


We will anchor at some of our favourite marks, providing all rods, reels and tackle.

The most successful baits to use are squid, ragworm and mackerel, which can all be purchase at Swanage Angling Centre.

As we will be in close proximity of the coastline, the surrounding scenery and cliff tops provide wonderful sightseeing opportunities for many seabirds and marine life.

We highly recommend our inshore trips for novice anglers, families with slightly older children or for those simply wanting to try something new.

Depending on the weather and tide, an 8 hour trip means we can travel a little further afield in order to fish different grounds.

Within 10 miles from Swanage, there are many wrecks which line the seabed and provide fantastic fishing opportunities, as they facilitate a huge variety of fish.

Fishing the wrecks generates a greater chance of catching larger species, including Conger Eel and Tope, whilst also landing Dog Fish, Spurdog, Polluck, Wrasse and sometimes Cod (depending on the time of year) 

The benefits of a longer trip entitles anglers to more fishing time, more social time, more time in the outdoors and travelling to contrasting fishing grounds. If there is a particular species you want to target, then chartering the boat (private hire) would be the ideal option, as we can tailor the day just for you and your group. *Please note that weekend charter trips are usually booked up at least a year in advance.


Full Day - 8 Hours Daily

Evening trips typically run from 6 - 10pm. For fishing enthusiasts, this is when the bigger species begin to bite, proving a great time to go fishing...

As dusk approaches, Bream, Mackerel and Dog fish are often still feeding, then as it gets darker, out come the Pout followed by Conger Eels, Tope, Huss, and Rays.

To come out on an evening trip when the weather is gorgeous, you will also be guaranteed a truly wonderful sunset.

Generally to start the trip, we will drift for 10 minutes or so and try to catch some mackerel on feathers as some fresh bait, before anchoring. It is really important to bring warm clothing, even on a hot summers day, as the wind chill at sea at night, can still be very cold.

Evening Trips - 4 Hours

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